Breast Augmentation

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Breast augmentation is performed to enlarge the appearance of the breast.  Women may be unhappy with the shape or volume of the breasts due to breast feeding, weight loss, or post pregnancy.  Some women may require a concurrent breast lift (mastopexy) in order to improve the overall appearance of the breast.  Breast augmentation can be performed through incisions around the nipple area and nipple, in the breast fold, or an incision in the axilla.  Location of the incision is dependent upon the implant choice and current breast shape.  Augmentation may be performed using either silicone or saline implants.  Implants can be placed either below or above the pectoralis major muscle.

Patients who smoke are not candidates for this type of surgery.  Patients who are currently breast feeding should pursue breast augmentation once breast feeding is complete.  Patients who have an undiagnosed breast mass are not candidates for breast augmentation.

Surgery is performed at a private surgical facility and takes approximately one and a half hours.  All sutures are dissolving and patients are returned home the same day of surgery.  Most patients may return back to work within seven to ten days and back to physical activity within two to three weeks.

Dressings are left in place until you are seen one week after surgery.  A surgical bra is provided to the patient and this bra is worn for two to four weeks following surgery.  (Download postoperative brochure for breast augmentation).

Please download the post-operative instructions.

Nipple asymmetry: 1-5%
Infection: 1 %
Poor scar formation: 1%
Palpability of the implant (depending on implant type): 1-5%
Hematoma: 1%
Rippling:  1%
Capsular contraction: 1-5%
Change in nipple sensation: 1%
Movement of the implant with contraction of the pectoralis muscle (for subpectoral implants only): 1-5%