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Mastopexy is a breast lift performed to reshape the breast that has descended due to either weight loss, postpartum, breast feeding, or due to natural descent of the breast with time.  If the nipple is below the breast fold, it is likely sitting too low.  Different types of mastopexy can be performed depending on the degree of excessive breast skin.  Breast skin is tailored and the breast gland itself is lifted.  Incisions may be limited to just around the nipple-areolar complex or, in some patients, a vertical scar may be required in order to improve breast shape.  On rare occasions, a scar in the breast fold is also required.

Patients that are not candidates for this surgery include patients that smoke, have an undiagnosed breast mass, are currently breast feeding, or are currently pregnant.

Surgery can take two to three hours depending on the degree of breast ptosis.  All stitches are dissolving.  Surgery is performed as a day care procedure and patients are discharged from the private facility the same day.  Most individuals can return to work within ten days and return to their pre-surgery activities at three weeks.

After surgery, dressings are left in place until seen in the office one week following surgery.  Patients may return to work within two weeks of surgery.  A surgical bra is provided for the patient that is worn for the first two to four weeks.  All stitches are dissolving.  Typically, no drains are used.  (Download postoperative brochure for mastopexy).

Change in nipple sensation: 1%
Infection:  1%
Hematoma/bleeding: 1%
Nipple asymmetry: 1-3%
Widening of nipple areola:  1-3%
Deep venous thrombosis:  Less than 1%
Pulmonary embolus:  Less than 1%