Breast Reduction

Surgical Procedures

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Breast reduction is performed to alleviate back and neck pain and remove grooving of the bra straps and any irritation in the inframammary fold.  The goals of this surgery are to decrease the breast volume and raise the nipple position to improve the appearance of the breast and alleviate back symptoms.  During this surgery, breast tissue is removed and sent for analysis.  The remaining breast tissue is repositioned.  Final scarring on the breast depends on the degree of breast droop (ptosis) and degree of breast volume.  Scars typically occur around the nipple and a vertical line inferiorly.  Occasionally, a scar horizontally in the fold is required.

Patients that are not candidates for this type of surgery include patients that smoke, patients with a BMI of greater than 35, patients who are currently breast feeding, or have an undiagnosed breast mass.

This surgery takes one and a half to two and a half hours depending on the size of the breasts.  Patients are typically discharged home the same day.  Drains are not used and all sutures are dissolving.

Following surgery, patients are restricted from exercise or heavy activity for a period of two to four weeks.  A bra is provided to the patient to wear following surgery and is worn for two to four weeks.  (Download postoperative brochure for breast reduction).

Please download the post-operative instructions.

Seroma:  1%
Infection:  1%
Hematoma:  1%
Breast asymmetry:  1-3%
Nipple asymmetry:  1-3%
Deep venous thrombosis:  Less than 1%
Pulmonary embolus:  Less than 1%
Nipple necrosis:  Less than 1%