Surgical Procedures

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A facelift is performed in order to improve the shape and contour of the face, alleviate jowls, and descent of fat pads in the face.  The goal of this surgery is to rejuvenate the face while placing the scar in an esthetically pleasant area.  Facelift surgery is frequently combined with a neck lift and may be performed through a short or a long scar, depending on the degree of descent of skin and facial fat.  Surgery is performed as a day care procedure and patients are typically discharged the same day.  Surgery is performed under conscious sedation and local anesthesia.  No drains are typically used.  Sutures are removed five to seven days following surgery.  Most patients are able to return to their employment 10 to 14 days after surgery.

Patients that are not candidates for this type of surgery include patients that smoke.

Surgery takes approximately four hours to perform and is performed under conscious sedation.  No drains are used during the surgery.  Sutures need to be removed five to seven days following surgery.  A garment is provided which is worn for five to seven days following surgery.

Following surgery, patients are restricted from exercise or heavy activity for a period of four weeks.  (Download postoperative brochure for facelift).

Please download the post-operative instructions.

Infection:  1%
Hematoma:  1%
Injury to facial nerve:  Less than 1%
Asymmetry:  1%
Visibility of scar:  1%
Deep venous thrombosis:  Less than 1%
Pulmonary embolus:  Less than 1%
Change in skin sensation:  1-5%