Fat Grafting

Surgical Procedures

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Fat grafting is a procedure designed to add fat to an area once removed by other surgery or liposuction.  Fat is removed through liposuction, purified, concentrated, and then reinjected to areas of fat loss.

Patients that are not candidates for this type of surgery include patients who are smokers.

The length of surgery depends on the amount of fat grafting being performed.  Patients are typically able to return home on the same day of surgery.  More than one surgical procedure may be required, depending on the volume of fat being transferred.

Patients are asked to refrain from heavy lifting for a period of two to three weeks following surgery.  Bruising may occur in the area for a period of two to three weeks.  Final cosmetic results are typically obtained 12 to 16 weeks following surgery.  A compressive garment is occasionally used in the areas of fat grafting.  (Download postoperative brochure for fat grafting).

Asymmetry:  1-3%
Infection:  1%
Hematoma:  1-3%