Microneedling with Beauty Booster

Traditionally, vitamin- mineral complexes used to have to be administered by a registered nurse or doctor using multiple tiny injections around the face with a syringe. In a Beauty Booster treatment (performed by an aesthetician), the complex is added to the usual hyaluronic acid gliding medium, and DermaPenned into the skin. Dermapen3™ delivers a controlled injury to the dermis using a rapidly operating cartridge of 12 stainless steel needles, so thousands more micro- channels are made in the skin, which gives this nutritious complex the chance to be much more fully and evenly distributed.  The body responds by sending a cascade of collagen and elastin fibres to heal and repair the injured area; remodeling and redensifying the skin over a course of 4 to 6 weeks. 


Microneedling is effective at:

  • improving the colour and texture of stretchmarks

  • softening and improving the appearance of wrinkles,

  • smoothing out lines around the mouth area,

  • treating uneven pigmentation of the skin,

  • reducing the colour and appearance of acne and surgical scar


Based on the area targeted for treatment, we generally recommend a course of sessions for best and lasting results.



  • Anyone using blood thinning medications such as Warfarin, large amounts of aspirin / omega oils, should first consult with their doctor before undergoing Dermapen treatment.

  • Anyone with a history of or a current breakout of cold sores should get a prescription of Valtrex for use before, during and after treatment.

  • Anyone with reduced blood clotting ability/haemophilia should NOT have this treatment.

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