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Scalp Micropigmentation

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Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) is the technique of adding tiny dots to the scalp to mimic hair follicles. The most common appearance being the look of a cleanly shaved head. However, whether you have gradual to full hair loss, or are male or female, this service is for you to fill in your hairline and add density. The tiny dots even blend with thinning hair, mitigating the lighter parts of the scalp, which are more noticeable as from the contrast between the skin and hair.

Frequently Asked Questions
Is this helpful for thinning hairlines?

Yes.  The density tattooing goes from the hairline to crown and blends with the existing hair follicles you have and give a very natural and low maintenance result and more freedom with haircuts. Density SMP is a solution to thicker hair as this technique takes away the obvious contrast of the scalp seen through thinning hair. 

If I have had a hair transplant, will it hide the scalp scar?

Yes. This technique mimics hair follicles over the existing scar to blend it with the surrounding skin, making ideal for  hair transplant scarring.

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