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Scar Revision

The Experience

Scar revision or “Collagen Induction Therapy” causes the scars to “re-heal,” changing the appearance so it blends nicely with the surrounding skin and softened. This procedure reduces the scars’ appearance, colour, tissue thickness and consistency. When a particularly large scar is worked on, multiple sessions will be required and the scar may appear pink for a few weeks as it is “re-healing” in it’s revised state. This can be a finishing touch to surgery, creating more flexibility, reducing tightness and changing the colour.

Frequently Asked Questions
Will it help an elevated scar?

No. An elevated scar should have surgical scar revision by one of our Plastic Surgeons, followed by laser or tattoo treatment.

Am I a candidate?

Camouflage tattoos are only suitable in very specific instances.  If you are considering this treatment, photos can be sent in advance of booking this service to ensure you are a good candidate, and to get an accurate price  quote.

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