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Fat Transfer

If you wish to add volume and enhance the contour of your face or breasts, a surgical fat transfer can be an effective method of achieving your cosmetic goals. Fat transfer techniques can redistribute your body’s fat, using excess fat in one area to correct a deficit in another.

Dr. Demianczuk of Pacific Plastic Surgery is one of the best fat transfer surgeon in Vancouver with over 20 years of clinical experience in cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery. Personalized, high quality care are the founding principles of Dr. Demianczuk’s practice. Our team is dedicated in helping you realize your aesthetic goals.

Fat Grafting / Transfer Surgeon in Vancouver

The Surgical Experience

A fat transfer can be performed under either local or general anesthesia, depending on the volume of fat being transferred. In large volume fat transfer, the procedure is performed in an accredited surgical facility, while smaller volumes can be done in the office. Procedures begin with liposuction harvest of fat. This harvested fat is then refined and purified before being re injected at the designated treatment sites. It is considered an outpatient procedure. This procedure is minimally invasive and results in negligible scarring. Following surgery, a garment will be worn to help control swelling and promote creation of the ideal shape. This procedure is frequently used in combination with other operations, including face lift, eyelid lift, and breast augmentation.


The average cost for a fat transfer procedure is variable, and will depend on the volume of fat being transferred.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Can I combine this surgery with other procedures?

    This procedure is frequently used in combination with other operations, including face lift, eyelid lift, and breast augmentation, amongst others. A fat transfer can be used for facial rejuvenation to replenish lost volume in the face. Considered a more natural alternative to injectables, fat transfer can target deep wrinkles, nasolabila folds, hollowed cheeks or temples. Some women may choose fat transfer as a method of breast augmentation. Offered as an alternative to breast implants, fat transfer can deliver exceptionally natural results.

  • Will the fat be maintained long term?

    In many cases, a percentage of the transferred fat will be absorbed by the body, so the final results will not be visible for 3-4 months. Fat absorption varies from 10-40%, depending on the target site.

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“My friend and I saw three different plastic surgeons before we choose Dr. Demianczuk. He did liposuction surgery on our stomachs, hips and thighs. We were both very impressed with both the doctor and his friendly, helpful staff. The consultation felt very comfortable, and all of our questions were answered to our satisfaction. We didn’t feel rushed, and we left the office feeling that this doctor knew what he was talking about and that he cared about our concerns. He told us we were welcome back at anytime to further discuss the surgery, and I did come back on my own for another consult and he was just as friendly, patient and helpful as during the first consult. His staff also spent a lot of time (one hour each) preparing us for surgery and answering all of our questions. One-year later we are both very happy with our results and would highly recommend Dr. Demianczuk to anyone considering plastic surgery.”

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