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Brow Lift

As an individual ages, wrinkles can form in the upper half of the face and brow leading to prematurely ageing or tired appearance. The upper face plays a key role in brow and eye shape. Dr. Demianczuk offers several types of brown lift techniques that address forehead wrinkles and brow droop. The brow lift can result in a more alert and awakened look, with smoother forehead lines.

Dr. Demianczuk of Pacific Plastic Surgery is one of the best rated brow lift surgeon in Vancouver with over 20 years of clinical experience in cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery. Personalized, high quality care are the founding principles of Dr. Demianczuk’s practice. Our team is dedicated in helping you realize your aesthetic goals.

Brow Lift Surgeon in Vancouver

The Surgical Experience

Brow lifts are performed under general anesthesia as an outpatient procedure in an accredited surgical facility. The surgery typically takes around 2 hours to complete depending on the approach. Patients can generally return to work and resume normal activities within a 7 days following surgery. A variety of techniques can be used to address the forehead. In a direct brow lift, this approach places the incision in the natural crease of the brow. Weak and sagging skin and tissue will be lifted and reattached to the brow bone. This approach does not affect the forehead and works to treat a sagging eyebrow and eyelid. A lateral temporal brow lift places the incision line in the hairline. These incisions are typically 3-6 cm, and are hidden by the patient’s hair. This technique repositions the eyebrows and improves mild drooping of the upper eyelid.


Each brow lift surgery is tailored according to how subtle or dramatic patients desire their results to be. Patients can expect to pay between $3,800-$7,500 for this procedure.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Facelift or brow lift?

    This will be discussed in detail during your initial consultation. If wrinkles, loose skin and sagging eyebrows exist on the forehead, then a brow lift or forehead lift may be sufficient. For drooping jowls and wrinkles along the lower area of the face, then another procedure such as a facelift may be a worthwhile consideration. Sometimes these procedures can be combined for maximum results.

  • I am worried that I may have an unnatural or “shocked” appearance.

    While a brow lift produces results that allow patients to appear more awake and alert, the results are often subtle. As an experienced surgeon, Dr. Demainczuk will work within the confines of a patient’s facial structure and skin tone to create natural results that avoid a wide-eyed or hyper-alert appearance.

  • Can I just use botox?

    BOTOX is a great non-surgical option that can improve the wrinkles and fine lines of the forehead. However, it has limitations and will not lift the forehead and improve sagging and drooping features if they exist. Patients who are contemplating surgery may want to try BOTOX first and see if the results satisfy their aesthetic goals. If BOTOX proves ineffective, then a brow lift will probably help in this area.

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“I had a facelift and chin implant with Dr. D. My procedure was done at False Creek Surgery and it was an excellent experience. I am only 4 months after surgery, and my friends can’t beleive how great I look. There was hardly any bruising after surgery, and almost no pain. Dr. D and his assistant Ashley were very thorough and professional. I’m sending my friend in to see him as well. I highly recommend him.”

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