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Scar Revision

For a select group of patients, a scar revision may improve the appearance of an unsightly scar obtained from previous surgery, trauma or skin condition. Frequently used in combination with laser treatment, this procedure can improve the appearance of external scars. Poorly positioned scars can be repositioned, and contour problems can be corrected. Effort is made to place the final scars in anatomic lines in order to camouflage their appearance.

The Surgical Experience

Scar revision procedures are typically performed under local anaesthesia as an outpatient procedure at an accredited surgical facility. If the scar is larger, or combined with internal defects (such as an abdominal hernia) general anaesthesia may be required. The surgery typically lasts 1 hour. Following surgery, there will be swelling and bruising in the surgical site. Post surgical scar management is critical, with topical silicone gel, sun protection and moisturizer. Most patients are able to resume a normal work schedule within 1 week and incorporate exercise within 3 weeks. The full effect of surgery should be noticed within 6 months. Additional laser treatment may be required to achieve the optimum result.


Each scar revision surgery is unique and will be tailored to each patient. Prices begin at $500, but average cost is $750 – $1100.

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“Dr. D performed major reconstruction surgery to my forehead after being diagnosed with DFSP and having the tumour removed in 2011. He also performed two smaller surgeries to make the scar less visible. I received the best of care from Dr. D and his staff from being seen very quickly for my first consult, to being greeted at the hospital prior to surgery to make sure I was taken care of, to all of my yearly follow up appointments, Dr. D and his staff (Joanne and Maria) have always gone above and beyond to give me the best care during this journey. I am now finished with my DFSP care, however if I am ever in need of the very skilled surgeries of Dr. Demianczuk, He will definitely be my first choice.”

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