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Head & Neck Surgery

Dr. Demianczuk has completed additional sub specialty training in head and neck surgery at Harvard Medical School. He is able to offer reconstructive head and neck surgery treating a wide variety of disorders.

  • MICROVASCULAR SURGERY: Dr. Demianczuk ‘s area of training focuses on micro vascular reconstruction of the head and neck following cancerous tumour resection. This complex surgery frequently takes 8-10 hours to complete, and is performed in a multi disciplinary team setting at the hospital. The principles of recreating form and function are maintained in this tertiary level care.
  • FACIAL NERVE PALSY: Patients may lose the function of the facial nerve due to a wide variety of conditions, including congenital, traumatic or oncologic. Losing the ability to move the muscles of facial expression can have a devastating effect on the social and functional elements of a patient’s life. Dr. Demianczuk utilizes numerous techniques to restore a patient’s quality of life, and improve their function following loss of function of the facial nerve.
  • MOHS RECONSTRUCTION: Moh’s micrographic resection is a specialized method of removing cancerous tumours of the face, with the highest cure rate. Following tumour removal, however, patients can be left with profound defects of the face that require complex, and frequently multi staged reconstruction. Dr. Demianczuk has worked closely with the Vancouver General Hospital Skin Care Centre for over 20 years in order to provide high quality, collaborative care.
  • FUNCIONAL NASAL SURGERY: Patients may have dysfunctional nasal breathing due to a wide variety of conditions, either congenital, posttraumatic, or post oncologic. Dr. Demianczuk specializes in functional airway surgery, and frequently combines this aesthetic rhinoplasty. A thorough understanding of nasal anatomy allows a comprehensive airway assessment, and subsequent anatomic reconstruction. Dr. Demianczuk has a long-standing relationship with the premier computer assisted sinus surgeons of BC to provide collaborative care and an optimum result.

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“He is one of the most caring and knowledgeable physicians I have consulted with. Hi s staff are extremely helpful, and up to date . My mom had a head and neck lift with DR Demianczuk and he did a phenomenon job .She looks like herself but 20 years ago . She looks Very natural yet 20 years younger. . I wish I knew him 5 years ago.”

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