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Micro Surgery

Microsurgery is a subspecialty within plastic and reconstructive surgery that takes many additional years of study and practice. These procedures are performed with the assistance of an operating room microscope, and requires precision and a great attention to detail. Microsurgery involves repair of very small blood vessels and nerves in order to restore both form and function. Large segments of muscle, bone, skin and fat can be effectively transferred from one part of the body, to a distant part. Patients who benefit from microsurgery are those who have suffered injury following trauma, cancer, or birth defects.

The Surgical Experience

Reconstructive microsurgery is performed under general anesthesia in a hospital, and typically takes around 6-9 hours to complete. It is considered an inpatient procedure, with typically 3-5 days in hospital.

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Patient Testimonials

Dr. Demianczuk has literally changed my life. He performed major facial reconstructive surgery on me, which took over 11 hours!! He removed bone from my leg to create an upper lip as well as muscle, blood vessels & tissue to create an upper roof/palette (I have auto immune disorders/Wegeners disease) My face was literally sinking in prior to this surgery! I now have a full set of plump lips 🙂 My work with Dr D is not done yet, as I am a work in progress case but the work that has been done to date, I am so pleased with. I used to not leave my house unless I had to. Dr. Demianczuk has given me my confidence back, and that… is priceless. I thank my rhuematologist every time I see him for referring me to Dr. Demianczuk.