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Mole Removal

Moles are very common and can appear at any age. They can be flat or raised, and can range to skin coloured to darker in appearance. In most cases, moles are benign and do not necessitate removal. However, many people find they can be an inconvenience (for example they can rub against clothing), or feel them to be aesthetically unappealing. The dermatologist will assess each mole, and if desired, can safely and effectively remove them. This can typically be performed in a single office visit under local anaesthesia. 

Techniques used by the dermatologist:

  • Surgical excision: The dermatologist will surgically remove the entire mole (including its roots underneath the surface of the skin) and neatly suture the skin closed.
  • Surgical shave: The elevated portion of the mole is shaved off in a precise manner to leave it flush with the surrounding skin, thus reducing the prominence of the raised mole. There is a small chance of recurrence of the mole with this technique as the roots are not removed, but the scar is nearly imperceptible.

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